Your cropping managed from start to finish

We offer a range of packages to our clients in the central west. Without a doubt, our signature service is the Premium Package where we manage your cropping from start to finish.

Our commitment to our client’s business is second to none, and we go the extra mile to ensure you can rest easy knowing that your cropping program is taken care of. Our long standing client base is testament to the high quality service, and dedication to our clients.

You Will Receive:


Comprehensive farm plan analysis including pre-season planning, planting, crop monitoring, harvest & post harvest review


Attend our pre-season meeting & local spring tour


PY Agronomy audios keeping you informed of local issues


Access to further Information

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Premium Package in Detail

Pre-Season Planning

Pre-Season Planning

We will conduct a full analysis of your paddocks including soil type, historical inputs, rotations, last season’s results, high and low performing crops and any specific challenges.

We also take note of your labour availability as well as machinery.

We will then discuss your farming goals and expectations for this year and subsequent years so we get a clear picture of what you are wanting to achieve and where your business is heading.

You’ll then receive our Premium Client Planning Pack tailored to your farm that will set you up for the year including:

  • A comprehensive crop rotation plan for a 5 year period
  • Paddock maps that are colour coded to identify crop and variety
  • A full budget of presumed maximum expenditure for the calendar year
  • A herbicide rotation plan by crop
  • An analysis of your soil test results
  • Best practice management design by crop and variety
  • Nutrient budget
  • Total maximum input summary for the season
  • Cashflow statement, Gross margins & break even analysis
  • A post harvest review which is a critical assessment to be able to plan effectively for next season, plus a stubble management plan
  • A planting timetable to establish critical start and finish dates for specific crop and variety

The most critical operation of the season which requires careful planning and monitoring. PY Agronomy will work with you from start to finish, providing advice on planting depths based on moisture availability, pre emergents, knock downs, and adjustments to rotations based on current and predicted conditions.

Crop Monitoring

Regular visits are essential to keep on top of weed control and any issues. These visits are highly dependent on crop type and issues present. We access your paddocks via quad bike, and you will be sent a notification of the visit and recommendations of follow up required.

The key stages include emergence, early growth, mid growth, reproductive phase, maturity & fallow period. All important stages that require expert advice to ensure you reach your production goals. Recommendations are sent from Back Paddock program and are easy to read, and simple to follow.


We will assess your paddocks and discuss yield potential, and identify any weed and disease issues that must be considered in the cropping plan for the following year.

You will also receive my PY Agronomy Harvest Audios where I will be talking about yield, grain quality and grades, marketing opportunities and a general update of the harvest as I see it happening. These audios will be sent to you at least weekly.

Post Harvest

We will conduct a review of your yields, discuss any learnings from the season, identify any issues to be included in plan for next

PY Agronomy Audios

You will be emailed a link that will take you directly to the current PY Agronomy audio – these audios are designed so that you can listen to them on the go, whilst sitting in your ute having smoko, on the tractor or in the office.

These audios are commentary from PY Agronomy about what we’ve been seeing in the paddocks, what other farmers are up to in the district, upcoming issues to be aware of, opportunities and events. These are an easy way for you to be kept informed with topical issues in your area.

You will receive the 5 audios listed below, giving you the knowledge and information you need, when you need it!

  • Pre planting audio
  • Planting audio
  • Mid-season audio
  • Grain fill audio
  • Harvest audio

Attend Our Pre-Season Meeting & Local Spring Tour

Pre Season Meeting

Opportunity to attend our Pre-Season Meeting to discuss potential issues, key opportunities, trial data from external trials and PY Agronomy, discussion from growers regarding their learnings and experiences and opportunities to ask any questions relevant to your farm.

Local Spring Tour

Opportunity to attend our annual Local Spring Tour where our clients tour around the local area on a bus and see what other farmers have achieved this year as well as any specific challenges, visit trial sites and discuss key findings and have lunch whilst we listen to a guest speaker. This bus trip is a highlight for my clients!

Access to Further Information

Regional Grower Network

Access to a network of leading farmers that share and learn from each other.

Spray Trial Information & Analysis

Access to Py Agronomy Varietal And Spray Trial Information & Analysis.

Paddock ‘Walk and Talks’

More information to come.

Seminars & Events

Invitation to topical information seminars & events throughout the year.

Social Media

Access to PY Agronomy social media – a simple and effective way to stay in the loop.

Phone Support

Access to our phone and email support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?
To sign up for the Premium Package, please contact PY Agronomy via phone or email - we can then discuss with you your farming business including what you want to achieve this season, machinery available, labour etc and organise a farm visit.
How many farm visits are included?
You will receive as many visits as necessary, during the key times throughout the season including planning, pre-planting, planting, crop monitoring, pre-harvest and harvest.
How much phone and email support do I receive?
As a PY Agronomy Premium client, you receive unlimited phone and email support as required.
Is there a minimum farm size?
The minimum farm size is 200ha of arable land.

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