PY Agronomy has been servicing agricultural clients in the Central West for more than 16 years. We are proud to say that we have a loyal and long-standing client base throughout the region.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our growers and our pro-active, practical approach to the management of your farming operation or corporate property.

Our agricultural services include cropping and pasture agronomy, soil testing, satellite mapping, pre-purchase property inspection, professional report writing, guest speaking and events.

We specialise in expert agricultural advice including:

  • Dryland winter crop and pasture production including grazing management of native and introduced species.

  • Irrigation crop production both summer and winter.

  • Dryland summer crop production.

  • Technology such as satellite imagery for nutrient and dry matter production.

Corporate Properties

We provide a vital link for corporate properties requiring on-the-ground, practical, local advice and professional services.

Our cropping and pasture agronomy, soil testing, satellite mapping, pre-purchase property inspection, and professional report writing services are ideal for corporate organisations.

At PY Agronomy, we provide a specialist team approach from assessment to getting the job done based on our extensive professional knowledge, experience and local network.

We are focused on delivering consistently reliable data to support vital decision-making and profitable sustainability in the management of the land.

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Cropping and Pasture

We offer a range of agronomy services to suit all applications. Our full agronomy service is highly popular and is based on key agronomy production principles central to any farming operation.

We work closely with our clients to empower them with these principles and provide support in making the right decisions at the right time. With careful business planning, we aim to ‘even out’ the seasons for our growers, making it easier to recover from the lower production years.

The consulting roles vary according to the business, however the principal services offered to PY Agronomy customers include identifying production, personal and financial goals of the individual business along with evaluating the production capability of the land and environment in which the business operates.

Other services include year-round paddock monitoring, crop and pasture design and implementation, a full cost analysis of the annual program through the use of specific agricultural software from the “Back Paddock” Company, and input usage by volume and dollar value for the growing season for budget purposes.


Soil Testing

We provide a complete soil testing service. Soil testing to provide a baseline is a key step in the process of setting recommendations for short-term and long-term management planning.

Our agricultural, mining and energy clients use this service to assist in the management of the soil and the foundation of a sustainable increase in productivity.

Our independent, accredited and reliable diagnostics provide a snapshot of the chemical properties of the soil for relevant immediate decision-making and as part of the process of monitoring changes in soil properties over time.

The concept of soil testing has been around as far back as the Agricultural Revolution in the 18th Century. With massive advances in technology and the associated understanding of soil principles, soil testing is widely acknowledged as a key tool for land managers today.

Holding Soil

Satellite Mapping

Our satellite mapping service provides a thorough overall view for land managers and is a key tool to begin the planning, management and recommendation process.

PY Agronomy is dedicated to keeping a finger on the pulse of technology within land management. At the base-level, satellite imagery provides benefits to both primary producers and all land managers in farm planning, assessment and reporting of land management practices.

Initially used as a reference source for farm management systems and as a base map for property management plans, higher resolution options now provide imagery down to paddock level.

There is huge scope to further use satellite imagery in management from yield, ground cover, required inputs, water, drainage and compaction to overall weed, pest, stock and general property operation.

Image by USGS

Pre-Purchase Property Inspection

We assist farmers with pre-purchase property inspections throughout the region. These inspections include an agronomy check paddock by paddock, opportunities and weaknesses, suggested first year operational plan for the farm, and a Year 1-3 farm business budget all of which you can take straight to the bank!

You wouldn’t invest in a business without finding out how it has performed in the past, and what the potential is? It’s no different to investing in a farm.

Evaluating the history of the business, the current production/income, projected initial profit, upfront expenses, tax advantages and disadvantages is a vital process. PY Agronomy can take the stress out of this process for you.

We know the importance of getting this information right, and we work closely with you to ensure you have all the information you require to make the right decision in a timely manner.

We have an extensive network of contacts throughout the Central West and can also be of assistance to those looking for additional land.


Professional Report Writing

We assist farmers, organisations and businesses with various professional reports such as Expert Witness Reports, budgets, reports for financial institutions, assessment reports for cropping insurance agencies and many others.

Our extensive knowledge of the Central West and experience working with farmers in the region means we are ideally placed to provide expert advice in relation to these matters.

Many find report writing a difficult and onerous task to complete. Professional report writing is a skill which we have honed throughout our years in the industry.

We are dedicated to ensuring your reports are supplied to the highest quality and within the timeframe allocated. Please contact us to discuss your report requirements.


Guest Speaking & Events

PY Agronomy is regularly featured at events throughout the state. Peter Yelland has been involved in GRDC updates, guest spots on the ABC Rural News, NSW Farmers meetings, Cadia Mines Weed Management and the Lake Cowal Mines management meetings as well as several Central West Farming system field days.

We also volunteer our time to manage the Trundle and Parkes show society crop judging competitions along with sitting on various committees and industry bodies throughout the region.

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and improving education within the industry. We will continue our commitment to bring information and farmers together for greater profitability throughout agriculture.

Give us a call to discuss what we could bring to your next conference, meeting or event.