Directors of PY Agronomy – Peter and Kerry Yelland and their boys Harry, Sam and George

Directors of PY Agronomy –
Peter and Kerry Yelland and their boys Harry, Sam and George


PY AGRONOMY is a cropping and pasture agronomic consulting business based in Parkes, Central West NSW.  We’ve been supporting farmers for over 16 years and take great pride in our long-standing client base.

We work closely with farmers to achieve their best outcomes.  We offer a range of services that can be tailored to meet your needs, as we know that not all farming businesses are the same.  We have something to suit everyone.

We are well recognised for our extensive knowledge of the region, commitment to the services we provide farmers, and our pro-active approach in the industry. We strive to continue to share our knowledge and learnings, deliver education opportunities and offer additional services and support to meet the needs of today’s farmer.

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Spring has sprung! Properties are moving!

Spring has sprung! Properties are moving!

Don’t forget a PY Agronomy pre-purchase property inspection. Springtime is typically a busy time in the property market and this year is no exception. PY Agronomy is here to assist you with making the right decision to purchase.

Stay up-to-date with Agronomy Audios

Stay up-to-date with Agronomy Audios

Over the past several months, we have been receiving more and more positive feedback from growers who are enjoying our agronomy audios. These audios are designed for us to be able to reach more of the growers around the region and provide an easy way for them to stay on top of what we are seeing in the paddock.

2018 Pre-emergent Herbicide Trials

2018 Pre-emergent Herbicide Trials

In May and June, we established 3 different pre-emergent herbicide trials at the one site in Parkes. The trials are to look at grass weed control in wheat, barley and chickpea/canola. We plan to have a field day at the end of July to look at the results.

PY Agronomy Community Events 2018

Peter, from PY Agronomy, was a panel speaker at the "Rabobank Grains Industry Evening" at the Parkes Showground.

28th August, 2018

Py Agronomy is a member of the steering committee for the "Central West Farming Systems (CWFS) Lime Project".

Ongoing, 2018

PY Agronomy is looking forward to organising and judging the "Parkes Show Society Crop Competition".

October, 2018

Peter, from Py Agronomy, was a guest speaker at the 2018 "NSW Farmers Meeting".

May, 2018

PY Agronomy gave a Practical Weeds Management presentation at the "Cadia Mines Weeds Management Day".

March, 2018

PY Agronomy was a member of the organising committee for the "Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC)" updates held in Dubbo.

February, 2018

Py Agronomy - Community Events

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"I listen to these audios on my iPhone when sitting in the tractor, or driving in the ute. They are brilliant."


"PY Agronomy audios are great. It’s like having an agronomist sitting in the ute beside you."


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