General Questions

Can I use PY Agronomy as a second opinion?
Yes you can – packages can be tailored to suit your individual needs.
Is PY Agronomy purely dryland cropping focused?
No. PY Agronomy has links and affiliates in pasture and grazing production, intensive farming such as irrigated and dryland cotton and horticulture.
Is PY Agronomy an independent agronomic business?
Yes. PY Agronomy focusses purely on agricultural related cropping and pasture production.
Why do I need an agronomist?
An agronomist should be seen as important to your farming business as your bank manager and accountant. An agronomist is a trusted advisor that is giving you up to date professional advice to help you make the right decisions. Each business is unique, and an agronomist will devise a plan specifically for your business in line with your production, profit and sustainability goals. In a more practical sense, an agronomist is your right hand man throughout the season. Pro-actively managing your cropping by pre-empting issues before they become costly and problematic, troubleshooting challenges with cost-effective solutions, and presenting opportunities in line with your business goals. An agronomist is an integral part of your farming team.
What area of Central West NSW do your Agronomy services cover?
PY Agronomy is based in Parkes, and services all areas of the Central West. Call or email us to discuss how we can assist you.
How long have you been in business?
We have been operating as PY Agronomy since 2014 – we have been working in the local area for over 15 years. Our loyal client base is testament to our dedication to farming in the central west.
How do I find out about upcoming events and field days?
Upcoming events and field days will be posted on facebook and our website. Be sure to like our facebook page to keep up to date on the latest happenings. PY Agronomy clients receive this information plus more via email and SMS.
When is the pre-season meeting?
The pre-season meeting is generally in March, but depends on the timing of the autumn break. This is a closed event, only PY Agronomy clients receive an invitation to this meeting.
When is the local spring tour?
The PY Agronomy local spring tour is a closed event and is generally held in September each year. It is a great chance to share key findings from throughout the season, and actually see the results in the paddock. It is a valuable learning opportunity and is a real highlight for our clients.

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