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Who We Are

PY AGRONOMY is a professional agronomic consulting business based in Parkes, Central West NSW. We support local farmers like you to make the right decisions at the right time, to take the stress out of your cropping management and to maximize your profit.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and our sole focus is on your business goals, not sales of a product. We manage your cropping program from start to finish, and you can be assured that we will be there when you need us. Your challenges are our challenges, and we work closely with you throughout the season.

With over 16 years in agronomy, our experience and knowledge combined with our professional and comprehensive services set us apart from the rest. Our reliability and best intentions for the grower is highly regarded around the district and our clients are all important. We understand the adverse circumstances that today’s farmers are facing, and we are dedicated to using our knowledge, skills and experience, to support our local farmers.

What Makes Us Different?

PY Agronomy has been servicing growers in the central west for over 16 years. We are proud to say that we have a long-standing loyal client base, and our commitment to our growers is one of our greatest strengths.

PY Agronomy is always evolving with the latest changes and improvements in agriculture. We are constantly bringing new opportunities to you; information on new varieties, improved management practices, cost-saving options, new efficiency and precision technology and the latest trial results. There is always something new to learn and a better way to do things. We consider our approach to be very proactive and progressive, and you can be paid dividends as a result of one key decision or strategy we implement.

We have a large network of agricultural professionals, and an advanced group of local growers that provides us with a wealth of knowledge and support, and valuable learning opportunities that will directly benefit your business. You will be welcomed to our field days, paddock walks and workshops throughout the season.

Peter Yelland - PY Agronomy
Peter Yelland - PY Agronomy

Our Story

Practical, independent, proactive agronomy taking the guesswork out of key decisions on-farm.

Never before has farming been more about making key decisions at crucial moments. Here at PY Agronomy, we help to take the guesswork out of those make-or-break decisions based on extensive practical experience of production in the region, backed up by the essential science, data and market considerations.

Our concept is simple – farmers helping farmers to improve production. We aren’t sitting behind desks “crunching numbers” and “spitting out recommendations” to boost the bottom line for the big companies.

PY Agronomy is an independent consultancy that has been providing advice and support to Central West farmers since 2014. Our family run business is headed up by local farmer and agronomist Peter Yelland and his wife Kerry.

Both Peter and Kerry came to the business with a long-term investment and commitment to farming and to the region after growing up on family farms locally.

This is our story….

Peter’s Philosophy…

Proven practical agronomy!  

From the time he could steer the ute for his father to feed out, Peter Yelland, founder of PY Agriculture, has been involved in the industry in the Central West.

It wasn’t long after that Peter remembers thinking about new ways of doing things to improve production on the family’s 1,600 hectare farm between Manildra and Cumnock.

A third-generation operation, the farm was previously merino breeding and stud focused. It has now moved into cereal grain, oilseeds and beef cattle under Peter and his brother’s leadership.

After gaining his degree in Farm Management at the University of Sydney in Orange in 1999, Peter intended on moving back to work on the family farm. It wasn’t until 2009, on the passing of his father, that the next generation took on the management.

“The farm business wasn’t big enough to run two families so that is how I began my career in the agronomy world,” Peter explained.

“I’ve worked as an agronomist since 1999 after completing my traineeship in Wellington.

“I moved to Parkes in 2000 and have been practicing agronomy in and around the Central West since. Many of the farmers I began working with, I am still working with today.

“I began my own consultancy in 2014 following a demand for independent advice. I’ve had great support from clients.

“Having forged a long-term relationship with many of these growers, we have achieved much more together. It has been hugely satisfying.

“Every day I get to see something different and work with different people. Most clients I deal with are very forward thinking.

“There are so many different beliefs and philosophies along with a vast range of different management styles from such a broad range of people in the region.”

The family farm is run as a test model to use to advise clients. Peter explained this keeps his hands in the dirt and his recommendations practically based.

“The basis of our consulting is – if we wouldn’t do it ourselves, we wouldn’t advise our clients to do it,” Peter outlined.

“I think a lot of our clients appreciate that I come from a practical background – instead of relying on theory only.

“I can relate to clients on a practical level and understand the limitations. I appreciate fully how agriculture works today because I’m also experiencing it along with them on a daily basis.”

The business has grown from ten clients over 20,000 hectares to now servicing more than 30 clients across 50,000 hectares of dryland cropping annually.

PY Agronomy now also works with irrigation clients, consults with mining companies and Peter is involved with public speaking, key committees and industry bodies.

“Our core business is locally owned family farms working with dryland winter crops growing cereals, oilseeds and pulses,” Peter said.

“We also work with some irrigation clients in lucerne and we are moving into irrigated cotton down the track.”

Peter says he is driven in business by the success of his clients – seeing them progress, expand and achieve their goals.

“Seeing my clients make good decisions on the back of the advice I’ve given is very satisfying,” Peter outlined.

“Despite the frustrations we all go through in agriculture, I still believe it’s a great industry to be involved with and a great industry to work in.

“I get motivated working with similarly motivated people and I really enjoy challenging people and being challenged myself to look for productivity lifting solutions.

“It’s a very exciting time to be involved with agriculture particularly in the livestock sector. There is so much potential to lift production with livestock in relation to the adaptation of technology.

“The advances we are going to have access to in the next ten years plus is hopefully going to have huge advantages for work/life balance, productivity and measurement.

“On the back of these advances we are going to see significant changes in the future of the industry, and this will hopefully promote more productivity and sustainability in agriculture.”

Making a valuable contribution to the advancement of regional communities is a driver in Peter’s consultancy and personal life. The balance between the success of individuals, the industry, the community and the entire region is key.

“The role of our business in the future will be to become a leader on behalf of our clients to steer them in the right direction in terms of technology adoption and/or to become a link between products, services and industry,” Peter outlined.

“Given that profit margins are going to be compromised all the time, it’s a major component of our role to provide a regular, accurate and reliable advisory service to keep our clients businesses moving forward.”

Peter Yelland - PY Agronomy
Peter Yelland - PY Agronomy

Kerry’s Target

Moving the farm business forward rain, hail or shine.

Brought up on a family farm at Tullamore, Kerry Yelland, PY Agronomy, enjoyed her small country town upbringing in a close-knit community surrounded by family.

Tullamore was where Kerry’s interest in seeing “farmers succeed” began as she became the “extra hand” on-call for lamb marking, tractor driving, fencing and stick picking (which she says her father saved up for school holidays).

The family prime lamb, wool and cropping enterprise developed her love of all things agricultural. Kerry went on to complete a Bachelor of Business majoring in Agribusiness at the University of Sydney in Orange.

“Whilst at uni I worked during the holidays at Graincorp at Trundle manning the weighbridge and sample stand,” Kerry outlined.

“When I finished uni, I moved to Dubbo for a job with Agfarm as a Grain Marketer. I’ve always had a strong empathy for farmers.

“When working at Graincorp I saw many missed opportunities in their grain marketing, as they choose who to sell their grain to on the spot at the sample stand, and for the price on the list that day. It didn’t seem fair.

“As a Grain Marketer I was given the opportunity to help these growers get better prices for their grain which gave me a lot of satisfaction. I grew the client base in the Central West, and I really enjoyed building these relationships.”

A chance meeting at the Parkes Picnic races saw Kerry meet Peter Yelland. They were married in 2007 and now have three boys Harry, Sam and George.

The family spreads itself between the agronomy consultancy out of Parkes and Peter’s family farm operations between Manildra and Cumnock.

“I love agriculture and all the good things associated with it – the lifestyle, the family togetherness, the adventures on the farm for a young family, the hard work, and definitely working with livestock,” Kerry explained.

“I am also very interested in understanding farm business, and ways to manage the finances to ensure the farm is viable.’

 “I envisage PY Agronomy potentially partnering with a Financial Planner to enable us to offer a more well-rounded service that ensures the viability of the farm is not dependant on the rain or the markets – as we obviously have no control over either.

“It’s a valuable asset to have someone on your team who can look at the farm from a business perspective, rather than just operational. Having support and guidance on both your farm business and personal financial plans ensures you are making the right decisions for your future. We’d enjoy being the linchpin to bring these sorts of opportunities and support to our clients.”


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