Don’t forget a PY Agronomy pre-purchase property inspection It’s springtime! Typically a busy time in the property market and this year is no exception.

PY Agronomy is here to assist you with making the right decision to buy. A pre-purchase property inspection including recommendations and operational budget is a must. It will ensure that the property you are looking at can meet your business and production goals. And also that you can manage the financial commitment.

A few questions that purchasers need to consider:

1. What is its current profitability?

2. What is its potential?

3. What are the priority activities & the associated costs to ‘get it up and running’?

4. Do I have the labour, the right machinery and enough cash flow to manage this?

PY Agronomy can help you to answer these questions. We will provide you with operational reports, recommendations and budgets. These can be used by your accountant or financial institution.

What does a PY Agronomy pre-purchase property inspection include?

Our pre-purchase inspection includes:

  • An inspection of the land
    It’s suitability for purchaser’s farming and/or grazing goals. Will this land work for you in relation to budget, machinery capability, labour and time? How does it compare to others on the market?
  • The condition of the land
    What are the first steps that you would need to undertake in Year 1, 2 and 3 to correct, manage and maximise the existing land condition?
  • Identify potential problems
    Are there any existing problems or potential problems that may arise? And what is required to manage these?
  • Identify potential upsides
    What are the key benefits of this land, how can you get the most out of this land, and what is the pathway?
  • Identify development potential
    What is the developmental potential, what is its best-case scenario?
  • Assess current and potential carrying capacity
  • Cashflow analysis
    Once we understand your goals, we can generate various reports on different farming practices and scenarios to prove the best path forward. These operational budgets are used by your bank as part of the loans process.
  • Drought-proof analysis
    Would you consider this to be high, medium or low risk for drought management? What is currently in place to manage drought? And what strategies can be implemented in your farm management plan to improve drought proofing?
Why choose us?

We are well recognised for our extensive knowledge of the region. Also for our commitment to the services we provide farmers, and our pro-active approach in the industry. We strive to continue to share our knowledge and learnings. And as such offer a range of services and support to meet the needs of today’s farmer.

What does it cost?

A quote can be provided based on the brief and travel requirements.

What information do you need from me?

First we need to understand your business and production goals. Secondly your existing machinery and labour resources. And lastly your financial expectations.