A key focus for PY Agronomy is grower education and sharing our learnings to achieve better outcomes in the paddock. We present regularly at events such as GRDC updates, CWFS field days, NSW farmer meetings and have been a guest speaker for many organisations in the region. We do this, because it firstly allows us to positively contribute to the industry by sharing our knowledge and findings, and second of all to improve farming networks and grower connection which is an important part of farming today.

Over the past several months, we have been receiving more and more positive feedback from growers who are enjoying our agronomy audios, which we truly appreciate. These audios are designed for us to be able to reach more of the growers around the region, and provide an easy way for them to stay on top of what we are seeing in the paddock, what others are doing and achieving and any challenges we see on the horizon. The audio is emailed to you monthly, and you can then listen to the audio at a time that suits you. We also include a transcript which you can sit down and read if you prefer.

If you too wish to stay up to date with PY Agronomy and receive a monthly audio with all of the latest happenings, you can purchase a 6-month subscription or a 12-month subscription. If you know of a farmer friend or family member who might benefit from these audios, please share this link! They are of course Tax deductible.

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